Sliding pocket door system for double door

ECLISSE double sliding pocket door system

Outstanding features and performances

Extraordinarily flexible

Great lights and maximum adaptability. The double door version of a sliding door allows very large openings in the house and, when combined with glass doors, ensures lightness and brightness. Obviously, with the minimum need for space.

Multifunctional environments for your home

No more confined spaces and classic rooms subdivisions. With wide sliding openings you can now think of two rooms as a single great living room for your dinners with friends, while still functioning, when necessary, as a children's playroom.

ECLISSE double sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE double sliding pocket door system

Make room for creativity and new design layouts

ECLISSE Double joins or separates two distinct environments with a simple gesture, whenever necessary. It transforms your home into an intimate space which is open and fluid at the same time, enhancing the quality of your daily life.


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What you should know

ECLISSE Double is supplied with passage size ranging from 1200 to 2400 mm in width and from 500 to 2600 mm in height, both in the solid wall and in the stud wall version.


ECLISSE Double - SOLID WALL version


Solid wall version

Extractable track system (patented)

It is always possible to substitute worn mechanisms and to add accessories.

Certified runners with ball bearings

They guarantee long lasting, smooth and silent action. Standard door’s weight is 100 Kg.

Alignment bar (patented) - solid wall

As it crosses the pocket door in all its width, it permits to solidly link the pocket with the stop jambs, thus making the assembly easier.

Weld-free connection system (patented)

For joining the overboarding mesh to the counterframe: avoids the onset of rusting and potential detachment from the mesh.

Under frame tear-off profile (patented)

Works on the same opening principle as cans: the base of the counterframe is removed to make the most of the space below when there is a difference in height between the counterframe installed and the finished floor.

Self-centring door runner - solid wall

This is quickly applied directly to the counterframe with no need to drill the floor.

Vertical reinforced bars (solid wall version)

Made of doubled-up metal sheet, bent so that they form a single body with the solid wall. They ensure greater resistance in what would otherwise be a weak point in the counterframe where cracks in the plaster could begin to form, as it is the furthest point from the wall studs.

Polystyrene joint

Located on the metal upper horizontal bar. It helps to absorb any movement in the structure.

16 horizontal reinforcing bars

16 horizontal bars attached to the plasterholding mesh lends great resistance and rigidity to the counterframe, so that it can effectively counter the tension generated by brickwork and solid walls. Robustness is fundamental as the frame effectively replaces a portion of the wall. There are 32 bars with double leaf.

Protruding close plaster mesh

It joins the counterframe (50x25 mm) with the wall becoming an integral part of it, thus offering an increasing grasp of the laster. The finished wall won’t have faults.

Adjustable rear door stop

Lets you change the door size without removing the door panel.

Stopped embossed metal sheet

Thickness 0.7 mm. The bosses are reliefs that prevent any deformation in the sheet. They are a guarantee of great robustness and rigidity.

ECLISSE Double - STUD WALL version


Stud Wall version