Moving towards perfection

Back in 1989 sliding doors had a very bad reputation, mainly justified, based on old fashioned systems of tracks hand-built into walls. They were often noisy and wobbly, they jumped off the tracks and had sticky sliding actions – sliding doors were really only used when there was no alternative, they were never considered to be a positive design feature.

It was in January 1989 that Luigi De Faveri established the ECLISSE company, with an idea, a concept and a mission to change all of that. Pursuing an entrepreneurial project that actually started in the 1960s in a metal carpentry workshop, the work of De Faveri has provided over the years a continuous research of advanced industrial systems and allowed the company to compete in a highly selective market.

Luigi De Faveri

Since the 1990s, in over 35 years the company has grown by investing in research and innovation, always valuing the interaction between all the people deeply involved in the vision of ECLISSE. The constant extension of the product portfolio, combined with the ability to innovate products and processes in parallel, has led over time to a progressive and encouraging development in the Italian market and abroad.

The key to this success was an innovative pocket sliding door system completely integrated in design and operation that meant it was strong, easy to fit and eliminated all of the problems of the old systems. The ECLISSE system initiated a complete re-think of the use of sliding doors by designers and architects, by making more usable space in any project and maximising floor area with no compromise in design.

Today ECLISSE is a leading brand in the production of counterframes for sliding pocket doors and frames for flush and splayed hinged doors, it can produce 1,500 frames per day and has more than 30 representative agencies and 2,000 distributors in Italy, 10 investee companies and more than 20 distributors around the world.


Details make the difference

The best technology for the most advanced sliding pocket door systems and hinged door frames. This is how ECLISSE (re)invented the counterframes and frames for top quality efficiency and aesthetics.

The quality of ECLISSE products is experienced both during installation and in everyday use, but it's the details that make the difference, because the design ensuring an easy installation, the perfection of the mechanisms and the excellent aesthetic can be really appreciated only looking at our products closely.

ECLISSE models are unique because they are the sum of state-of-the-art technical details, designed with painstaking care.



Technical insights: the sliding pocket door system


ECLISSE fully extractable track - patented

1. Fully extractable track
      - PATENTED -

What happens if the track becomes dirty or wear over time, compromising the sliding of the door? Do you have to pull down the wall? Of course not!

ECLISSE looked further and invented the system that allows you to easily extract the rail where the door slides, to clean it, replace it or to install accessories at a later date. Also, you can move the door stopper into the desired position, and decide at any time how much of the open door will remain protruding from the jambs.

ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems with open structure for stud walls

2. Open structure for stud wall

The studwork that supports a wall or partition is an open structure. Why should the counterframe be different?
We looked inside the finished wall and we designed an ad hoc counterframe that is different from the traditional metal sheet pocket

When you screw a metal surface to a frame structure, this tends to bend dangerously reducing the pocket's internal passage and posing the risk of scratching and damaging the door too.
With our stud wall systems, there is no such risk thanks to the anti-flexion dove-tail shaped horizontal bars designed not to bend when fixing the plasterboard layers.
They are also pre-drilled to ease the screwing.

ECLISSE self-centering door guide

3. Self-centering door guide

Why is it important for the guide to be perfectly in the middle of the internal passage?

The guide is not fixed to the floor, but directly screwed to the counterframe base, thus needing no measuring: this is called self-centering. Possible errors in measurements can be avoided and you are not even going to ruin the floor puncturing it.

The perfect centering ensures that the door runs always in the middle of the counterframe, without the risk of touching the structure and getting scratched.

ECLISSE runners - certified

4. Runners
      - CERTIFIED -

The most important thing about a structure that is built into the wall is its duration in time.

Runners with ball bearings Smoothness and fluidity Our sliding runners are tested and certified tested by CSI (IMQ Group) to guarantee durability, smooth movements and a silent sliding even after 100,000 opening-closing cycles. Translated into time, it is equivalent to about 30 years of peace (UNI EN 1670).

The standard load-bearing capacity is 100 kg per pair, 150 kg on request.
A wooden door 800x2100 mm weighs on average less than 25 kg, a glass door of the same dimensions weighs less than 45 kg.

ECLISSE Luce system - wiring-ready sliding pocket door systems

5. ECLISSE Luce system
      - PATENTED -

Is it possible to install electrical boxes on the wall portion where the counterframe is?

ECLISSE was the first to think of electricians patenting its Luce system, the first system that allows the passage of electrical wiring where exactly the counterframe is, allowing thus the installation of electrical boxes directly on the counterframe.
Switches, sockets, thermostats and light points can be placed right close to the doorway, all of this without hindering the correct sliding of the door panel. ECLISSE models with Luce technology are available for both solid and stud walls, for single and double doors, in standard and in custom size.

ECLISSE alignment bar - patented

6. Alignment bar
      - PATENTED -

Leveling a counterframe in a workmanlike manner while installing it is critical to the perfect sliding of the door.

To simplify the installation, ECLISSE patented the alignment bar, a special galvanised metal sheet profile that provides a rigid union and the perfect alignment between the pocket and the metal door post, ensuring the squareness of the counterframe and that the door slides and closes properly.

The most appreciated ECLISSE patent by installers!

ECLISSE under frame tear-off profile - patented

7. Under frame tear-off profile
      - PATENTED -

Once the floor is finished and the door is installed in the pocket system, you could notice an unpleasant slit at the bottom. Why is that?

If the counterframe hasn't been installed properly there may be discrepancies in height between the finished floor level and the bottom of the counterframe (already installed), being the latter at a higher level. A floor-to-top-beam door would not be able to enter the pocket, meeting obstacle of the brick base.

ECLISSE solved this issue with an under frame tear-off profile. You can easily remove the base of the pocket, already installed, as the ring-pull of a can to lower the brick base beneath it and achieve the correct height, leveled to the finished floor. You can then set the runners' screws to lower the door to the right height and get a smooth sliding at about 1 cm from the floor.

As easy as opening a can!

ECLISSE protruding knurled plaster-holding mesh

8. Protruding knurled plaster-holding mesh

How to avoid the formation of cracks in the plaster after a few months after installation of the counterframe?
Applying the plaster to the pocket is often complicated, because the plaster may fail to adhere to it and may slide or detach, resulting in defects and negatively impacting the correct sliding of the door, even after a long time.

ECLISSE counterframes for masonry walls are the only ones equipped with a knurled dense mesh (25x50 mm) that protrudes on 2 sides of the pocket by a few centimetres. This provides a consistent base for the plaster in correspondence to the junction between counterframe and brick wall.

The close mesh, laid at a slight distance from the underlying metal sheet, and the micro-incisions on the single wires greatly improve the adhesion of the plaster to the metal sheet of the pocket and ensure a smooth transition from it to the bricks.

Lastly, the patented weld-free system for attaching the mesh to the counterframe prevents the arising of rust and possible mesh detachments.



Looking Further

Our responsibility to you

“Looking Further” is the reflection of our philosophy: a promise we repeat every day, a commitment to see what others do not see, the meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to take nothing for granted. The synthesis of our work, what makes us different.

Those who works in ECLISSE knows the importance of valuing the customer and their needs. Success is achieved more easily with a close-knit talented team, cohesive and oriented to the same goal.


Moving towards perfection

Frames designed to work at best

We strongly believe in the superior quality of our products and our purpose is to develop and manufacture counterframes that are innovative, sturdy, easy to install and easy to maintain, at any time.
Our ambition is to revolutionize the concept of counterframe for sliding pocket door systems and frames for hinged doors. We want to be the answer to every functional and space needs, constantly innovating our systems through practical and design solutions.

ECLISSE horizontal pre-drilled reinforcing bars
ECLISSE metal sheet pocket

What we do

Our production

Counterframes for sliding pocket door systems and frames for flush and splayed hinged doors are made to be installed inside the wall and allow the door to slide or to guarantee its perfect flushness to the wall.

A counterframe, once installed, becomes part of the wall, but at the same time it must allow for a door to slide properly inside. A frame for flush or splayed door must be resistant, and perfect, so that the hinged door can be closed in line with the wall.

How we do it

Our way of thinking

We started by listening to users and installers, with the aim of developing new ideas and excellent solutions. More than 30 years and 40+ patents later, we have not yet ceased to perfect ourselves.

Our goal is to ensure a reliable, robust and cutting edge product for those who choose ECLISSE. We put our heart and soul.

Only those who choose ECLISSE chooses to a perfect performance, no surprises and no compromises.

ECLISSE aluminium profiles


We stand up for it


Continuous research and development

ECLISSE considers it essential to pursue the satisfaction of its customers, employees and all stakeholders who come into contact with the company through continuous improvement of business processes, of the health and safety of its workforce and collaborators and through acting responsibly for the environment.

Through the years, ECLISSE kept pursuing its commitment through the achievement of internationally recognised awards and certifications in the areas of quality, safety and environmental responsibility.




Company certifications

ECLISSE designs and manufactures counterframes for sliding pocket door systems and frames for hinged doors, related accessories and mechanical and electrical automations for sliding pocket doors in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

ECLISSE voluntarily adopts an Occupational Health & Safety Management System in accordance with UNI ISO 45001 standard.

ECLISSE company operates in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 standard that defines an effective Environmental Management System implementation.

Product certifications

In compliance with the UNI EN 1629 standard, the test simulates the most violent accidental shocks through the impact of a 30 kg soft bag dropped orthogonally from different heights and was carried out on a 1000x2100 mm sliding door inserted in an ECLISSE counterframe.

When tested according to UNI EN 1527 standard, the ECLISSE runners did not undergo any significant changes after 100,000 opening and closing cycles.
They also achieved the highest level of corrosion resistance (grade 4) after 240 hours in a salt spray chamber (95% humidity, 5% NaCl solution) as tested in accordance with the UNI EN 1670 standard.

ECLISSE Ewoluto was tested to assess its load-bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads (shelves, grab bars, wall units, etc.).