Luce Collection

Sliding pocket doors that opens to light


Bright spaces

Proper lighting is essential in the design and in the comfort of any environement. Therefore, ECLISSE thought of Luce, the system for pocket doors that combines the convenience of having its own switch where there is an opening.

The advantage of having a sliding door together with the possibility of having a switch exactly at hand. Have you ever thought about it?

The advantages of ECLISSE systems with light points

A proper lighting is fundamental in projecting and for the comfort of living spaces. This is why ECLISSE patented the first counterframe for sliding pocket door system that provides the convenience of a switch right next to the sliding opening.

To not give up anything. The advantage of having a sliding pocket door in your home combined to the possibility of having a switch always at hand.

Some people still believes that a sliding pocket door allow to save space if compared to a traditional hinged door, but also inevitably implies giving up the opportunity to install light points, switches or sockets on the wall portion that host the counterframe. But no!

ECLISSE solved this inconvenience patenting ECLISSE Luce Single, the first system that allows the passage of electrical wiring where exactly the counterframe is installed and that in fact allows to have switches, sockets, thermostats and light points right next to the doorway. All of this without hindering the correct sliding of the door panel.

All of the ECLISSE models with Luce technology are specifically designed for both solid and stud walls, for single and double door options, in standard and in custom size.


ECLISSE Luce wiring-ready sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE Luce wiring-ready sliding pocket door system with jambs and architraves

With jambs and architraves

If you are looking for light points and switches at hand ECLISSE Luce Single is the ideal solution. The sliding pocket door system with jambs and architraves that allows to install several electrical connecting points on both sides of the wall.


ECLISSE Luce wiring-ready sliding pocket door system without jambs and architraves

Without jambs and architraves

For all those who love clean and minimal lines, ECLISSE developed ECLISSE Syntesis Luce, the sliding pocket door system with no external finishes that gives you total freedom of furbishing and lighting.


Settling more than one light point in solid and stud walls

According to your needs it is possible to install up to 10 electrical boxes per pocket (5 per side of the pocket).

In the stud wall version, the open structure and the practical duct allows to fix the box to the desired height, while in the solid version the steel sheet is pre-cut at standard heights.


ECLISSE Luce - solid wall version cut-out
ECLISSE Luce - stud wall version cut-out

How do I install an electrical box on the wall section that hosts the counterframe?

ECLISSE was the first to think of electricians, inventing the first systems that allows not only to install electrical boxes directly on the counterframe, but also to easily run electrical wirings directly inside the counterframe itself.

Light points and switches are close to the doorway, an important feature especially with double door models!


Classic Collection: light points and jambs

In 2002 ECLISSE presented for the first time the Luce technology, that allows to use the counterframe itself to settle electrical wirings and boxes. A real revolution in the placement of light points that can now be installed next to the opening of a sliding pocket door.

ECLISSE Classic Collection - Luce models

Syntesis Flush Collection: light points without jambs

The Luce technology can be used in projects that require sliding doors with no external finishes. The ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems from the Syntesis Flush Collection are available for solid and stud walls and provide a double advantage: the easy handling of electrical wirings and boxes and the clean and elegant output tat is the main feature of all Syntesis models.

ECLISSE Syntesis Collection - Luce models



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