Syntesis Tech - service compartments (trapdoor)
Syntesis Tech

Flush trapdoors for technical hatches

ECLISSE flush trap doors for technical compartments

Disappearing hatches

The solution that completes the Syntesis Flush Collection

Thanks to ECLISSE Syntesis Tech, the wall appears completely smooth while the technical compartments remain accessible, to intervene only when needed.
ECLISSE Syntesis Tech is a versatile and a distinguish product with a wide range of applications and sizes and dedicated closing solutions.

Durable and paintable

The frame and the mounting brackets for hinges and the lock are made of anti-corrosion anodised aluminium coated with primer so as to be paintable as the wall, ensuring a total integration between the metal part and the wall, both on the internal and external sides.

ECLISSE flush trap doors for technical compartments
ECLISSE flush trap doors for technical compartments

Designed for the installer

The reduced overall dimensions of the frame are designed to allow the passage of wiring and piping on all 4 sides.

No cracks

Robust and easy to assemble, the frames for technical wall compartments are designed to be fully integrated with the wall, avoiding the formation of cracks along the perimeter of the room.

ECLISSE flush trap doors for technical compartments


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Why should you choose ECLISSE Syntesis Tech?

A single frame suitable for solid wall and stud wall. Available as standard with metal supports to fix the frame to the stud works and solid wall structures.

Complete KIT
ECLISSE Syntesis Tech includes frame and door panel. The door panels have a thickness of 18 mm and are made of melamine chipboard class E1, coated with white melamine and edged in ABS, ready to be painted.

Hinges at 165° as standard
Maximum accessibility thanks to the hinges that open at 165° fitted as standard. The hinges can also be adjusted on 3 axes to allow a more precise positioning of the door panel.

ECLISSE Syntesis Tech


ECLISSE Syntesis Tech

Syntesis Tech

Trap door

165° hinges as standard

Perfect accessibility thanks to special 165° opening hinges, mounted as standard. Hinges also can be adjusted on three axes to ensure a perfect aesthetic result.

Sturdy frame

Like all other ECLISSE SYNTESIS® COLLECTION products, ECLISSE SYNTESIS® TECH is sturdy and easy to assemble.

Door panel

ECLISSE SYNTESIS® TECH comes complete with frame and door panel. 18 mm panel thickness are melamine faced chipboard Class E1, melamine coated in white and edged in ABS, ready to be painted.