Syntesis Areo

Flush access panels for built-in closets, credenzas, storage closets, wall niches and equipped under-stair closets




Flush doors for every need

Containing with discretion

ECLISSE Syntesis Areo is the solution designed to conceal walk-in wardrobes, cupboards, shoe racks, storage closets, laundry niches and under-stair closets with a total flush-to-wall effect.

Versatile and unobtrusive, it adapts easily to the available space and the desired function. The panel flush with the wall, treated with primer, is ready to be painted and finished like the wall, for total homogeneity.

Flush-with-the-wall panels for built-in cupboards and storage closets
Flush-with-the-wall panels for built-in cupboards and storage closets
Flush-with-the-wall panels for equipped under-stair closets
Flush-with-the-wall panels for equipped under-stair closets
Flush-with-the-wall panels for equipped under-stair closets

Concealed, but always accessible

The flush doors are designed for everyday use. The threshold of the frame is finished to ensure a clean and pleasant looking perimeter, to offer an aesthetic result up to the level of a real piece of furniture.

No cracks, plenty of robustness

The frame profiles are designed to integrate into the wall, preventing cracks from forming along the perimeter of the opening, while the opening systems (hinges and hydraulic pistons) are tested to ensure solidity and reliability over time.

Dimensions and types of opening

The frame is available in various combinations of sizes and opening types, to best suit every need. Opening types include:

  • single panel on squared or inclined frame
  • double panel on squared or inclined frame
  • top-hung and bottom-hinged panel
  • bifold door, single and double
  • modular system (up to 8 door panels)

The side-opening versions are available with a full 4-sided frame, for suspended openings, or with a 3-sided frame, for openings flush with the floor.

Flush-with-the-wall panels for wall niches
Flush-to-wall panels for wall niches
bifold door for flush wall panels

ECLISSE Syntesis Areo

The door is composed of two identical panels.

flush wall panels - double bifold door

ECLISSE Syntesis Areo

Each door is composed of two identical panels.

flush wall panels - modular version

ECLISSE Syntesis Areo

Available for up to 8 door panels.

Equipped concealed niche

Reclaim space in your home!

Fitting and closing niches to make the best use of space

ECLISSE makes everything simpler, even making the most of an existing niche by transforming it into an equipped storage space hidden from view thanks to the new accessories for ECLISSE Syntesis Areo: the cover and the shelf-support hardware.

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Technical details

The dimensions of the side-opening flush panels range from the small 300x300 mm single door to the 1300x2700 mm double door, ideal for walk-in wardrobes, pantries or hidden storage areas.
Bifold doors as well are ideal for great niches with openings up to 1200x2700 mm (single version) and 2400x2700 mm (double version) while the modular version allows to furnish a wall up to 5280 mm long.
For a maxi-opening developed horizontally, the flap panel frame can reach up to 1800x650 mm.

Paintable door panels

The door panel must first be sanded with a fine-grained abrasive and then dusted. Once this is done, a primer or wallpaper can be applied.

Cover - NEW -

Are you looking for solutions to close existing niches?
The new cover attaches directly to the frame of ECLISSE Syntesis Areo and covers any gaps between the frame and the wall with no the need to plaster the entire perimeter.
Made of recycled PVC, 45 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick, it is primed and ready to be painted.

Perimetral cover for flush-to-wall access panels



Shelf-support hardware - NEW -

Turning a niche into an equipped storage space is super easy.
The rack is attached directly to the frame, from the inside, while the 22, 32 or 42 cm deep shelf-support elements can be positioned at the desired height in no time at all.
Minimum impact, maximum functionality.

Shelf-support hardware for flush-to-wall access panels

Opening systems

ECLISSE Syntesis Areo is supplied as standard with push-pull opening, except in the case of the double door 3-sided frame.
As an alternative to the push-pull mechanism, a and a practical handle and a lever handle are available.