DWG drawings for pocket doors and hinged doors

ECLISSE doors: DWG drawings for designing

DWG drawings are technical elements inside an AutoCAD project. The use of DWG drawings has became common between architects, designes and engineers as they complete the project with new elements optimizing projecting time.


DWG files for sliding pocket doors with jambs and architraves

DWG drawings are specific for solid wall or stud wall.
You can choose between the classic collection for single or double door or systems designed for light points (single or double door).

ECLISSE sliding pocket door system with jambs nor architraves
ECLISSE sliding pocket door system with no jambs nor architraves

DWG files for flush sliding pocket doors without jambs and architraves

Flush pocket doors systems are the better solution for modern settings, linking functionality and aesthetic.

DWG files for hinged doors

The ECLISSE hinged doors can be in wood or glass, with a common modern style and an easy installation.

ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door
ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems that bear loads

DWG files for special doors

The ECLISSE special systems for sliding pocket doors are designed for specific needs.
ECLISSE Ewoluto is a counterframe that reproduces the wall. It is the only system that allows to use the wall accomodating the pocket door to install cabinets, shelves and heavy furniture in complete safety.



Download BIM files

The National Institutes of Building Science defines BIM like one of the most significant and widely adopted technology methods employed in the construction industry.
Each BIM model collects a series of information that the developer decides to share to create an object through the software: graphic data, technical documents and additional specific information, such as soundproofing.

In the Download Area in the Technical Support section you can find the revit files for our products, ready to be inserted in your architectural projects.