Where can I find an Authorized Reseller near my home?

To find the Authorized Dealer near you please go to Distribution Network webpage or email us at

Where can I get support and buy an accessory or a spare part?

For assistance and purchase accessories or spare parts, please consult your Authorised Reseller or email us at to be redirected.

How do I know the prices of the models?

To know the price of all ECLISSE products, please consult your Authorised Reseller or email us at to be redirected.

Why do ECLISSE pocked doors cost more than many other brands?

ECLISSE pocket doors' price is higher than the market average because it has about 30% more steel compared with the competition. We believe that strength and solidity are a fundamental requirement for a counterframe, a necessity for which the customer is willing to pay a premium price.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times can vary according to the model, the resellers territorial distribution and their available stock. For correct information, please contact directly your Authorised Reseller.

Can you buy curved counterframes?

ECLISSE was the first company to market a counterframe that can place a curved sliding pocket door in a non-linear surface. The model is called ECLISSE Circular and its artisan production process allows highly customized solutions, based on the door and to the needs of individual customers.

The counterframes have already defined measures or can be custom made?

Normally you can find on sale counterframes hosting all the door panel standard sizes.

ECLISSE offers sliding systems that cover a very wide range of measures. In the catalog, we have models that can be placed in rooms with minimum dimensions (from 1 meter) or suitable to cover extra large openings (up to 4.70 meters). The typical structural strength of the ECLISSE counterframes is incremented to ensure safety throughout lights of 1500x2900 mm per leaf.

Our engineers can also design customized pocket doors upon customers request.

What warranties does ECLISSE offer for its products?

ECLISSE extends the warranty coverage to 12 years for:

  • metal parts of the counterframe in galvanized steel.

  • functionality and smoothness of its kit of carriages.

  • integrity of the track made of anodized 6060 aluminum alloy (10 µm).

For details about the ECLISSE warranty, please see the Company webpage.

Service and Warranty

Can I request catalogs, brochures and other informative material?

The catalogs, brochures, certificates, and other materials can be downloaded from the Technical Support section of the site, or by sending a direct request to the email address:

Can I order models in different sizes from those included in the catalog?

Yes, on request you can order pocket doors in different sizes from standard  and non standard. To see the full range of possible measures, refer to the “oversize” section of the data sheet of each product.

Does ECLISSE provide technical assistance on sites?

ECLISSE does not carry out supervision and assistance on site, except for a few exceptional cases.

Installation - Indoor systems

What are the minimum and maximum passage sizes for pocket doors?

A single-leaf counterframe for interiors Unico mod. plasterboard version with wall thickness over 150 mm is available:

  • H from 500 mm to 2900 mm

  • L from 600 mm to 2000 mm

During the refurbishment, which is the best time to install the counterframe?

In the presence of an already existing brickwork wall, it is good to take a few simple precautions. After removing the old door, the wall portion required for the installation of the pocket is removed with flex or hammer. In this phase it is necessary to verify that there are no constraints in the wall portion that should be removed (electrical wires, plumbing, pillars or other). You can now install the counterframe, with the accurancy to lay a lintel on to it. At the end, you will need to finish the entire wall with plaster and painting. The carpenter will then proceed with the installation of the door. All this can be done in only one working day. Existing floor or floor heating have no contraindication for the installation of an ECLISSE system.

If you do not want to break down the wall and you can enlarge the thickness of the entire wall, you can also lean a sliding system for plasterboard against the existing wall, then coating it with the special plates.

How can I apply light points and switches in the wall where I decided to install the pocket door?

ECLISSE Luce technology allows the passage of electrical wiring where exactly the counterframe is installed and that in fact allows to have switches, sockets, thermostats and light points right next to the doorway. All of this without hindering the correct sliding of the door panel.
All of the ECLISSE models with Luce technology are specifically designed for both solid and stud walls, for single and double door options, in standard and in custom size.

The floor is finished, the door is already installed in the counterframe and I notice that there are still several centimeters of passage light between the door and the floor. What should I do now?

The light between the door and the floor is due to a difference of dimension between the counterframe mounted and the finished floor at a lower level.

The counterframe has been installed above the bricks, on the unfinished floor, and now its level is higher than the finished floor. If you only adjust the door making it fall at the same level of the floor, it might not slide anymore, because it would meet the brick base as obstacle. It is an unfortunate, but not uncommon, inconvenience that may occur during the installation phase, which involves an increase of the costs and hassles.

ECLISSE has solved this inconvenience with a special tear-off profile. You can easily remove the profile in the counterframe already installed and to lower the brick base so as to bring it to the correct height, corresponding to the existing floor level. Subsequently you should regulate the door support screws to lower the door to the right height and get a smooth sliding at about 1 cm from the floor.

Some friends have used sliding doors in their house, but then the side walls of the boxes have flexed inwards and the doors cannot slide anymore.

ECLISSE counterframes are made with structural components and with materials that ensure an undoubted robustness, which avoids any risk of deformations (concave or convex) of the box walls. The presence of reinforced, dove-tail shaped horizontal bars guarantee high resistance to lateral compression and effectively counteract the tensions caused by the plaster maturation. Moreover, the heavy galvanized steel structure, with a thickness up to 1.2 mm, the upper metal crosspiece and the embossed metal sheet increase the rigidity of the counterframe and grant a more resistance.

I would like to close the bathroom with a sliding door. But I am afraid that over time moisture can corrode the metal structure of the counterframe. How can I do that?

ECLISSE has created a special pre-painted counterframe with three layers of protection (zinc plating, polyester and epoxy paints), specially designed for environments where there is a high humidity, such as bathrooms, saunas or pools. This model has also been scientifically tested to evaluate its corrosion resistance. It was placed for 240 hours in a salt mist chamber (humidity 95% and 5% NaCl) and has passed the test resulting absolutely unaffected, without undergoing the minimum oxidation.

I'm renovating my house and would like to replace old hinged doors with sliding pocket systems that allow me to gain space. Is it possible?

ECLISSE solutions are increasingly being adopted in interior renovations of buildings, because they are easy to install and allow to save precious centimeters.

In the case of  stud walls, ECLISSE has designed a special counterframe easy to install.

If we are in the presence of an existing brick wall, it is good to take simple precautions. After removing the old door leaf, the wall portion required for the installation of the counterframe box is removed with flex or hammer. In this phase it is to verify that there are no constraints in the wall portion that should be removed (electrical wires, plumbing, pillars or other). You can now install the plaster version counterframe, with the foresight to lay a lintel onto it. At the end, you will need to define the entire wall with plaster and painting. The carpenter will then proceed with the installation of the retractable sliding door with jambs. All this can be done in a single day of work. Existing floor or floor heating have no contraindication for the installation of an ECLISSE system.

Does the plastering on the counterframe need a particular process? Should I add specific resins or additives?

The plastering must be made in two layers, to be applied with about 15 days’ difference. The first layer is given simply by using the same mortar used for the construction of the brick wall. The second layer will be the same finish as the rest of the room. You should not add special additives.

What should I do if the door I would like to install weighs more than 80 kg?

For door panels with weight above the standard range, require a specific track and the special sliding carriages with a capacity of 120 kg.

Can I install wooden or laminate doors, glazed doors, glass doors in a pocket system?

In general, all producers of pocket doors, work with standard sizes and it is therefore possible to choose from a wide range of solutions, except for some types of counterframes. The only caveat to consider is the thickness of the door panel, especially when the customer decides to put a hole in the glass door. In this case we have to consider the thickness of the staff beads of the glass stopper. It is therefore important to consider the proportion of the internal passage. The advice is to choose the door before the counterframe.

Can I also have the motorized door?

Yes, with ECLISSE counterframes you can automate the movement even later, thanks to the ease of installation of of E-MOTION, our magnetic motorization units.

The installation requires an electrician.

I have an existing floor, can I fix the counterframe directly on it?

Yes, it is possible. The base of the counterframes is equipped with special perforated sheet metal lugs, which bent at 180°, allow the fastening of the counterframe to the floor with special dowels

What is the minimum thickness of the wall to insert a counterframe?

The counterframes for pocket doors replace the portion of wall required to host the leaf, therefore they must perfectly fit the type of the involved wall. For brick walls, the available thicknesses are 90, 108, 125 and 150 mm. For dry walls (normally using plasterboard) the  thicknesses are two and fit the standard studwork present on the market: 100 (for one slab) and 125 (for double slab). It must be said that the new trends are making the clients more and more attentive to the thermal / acoustic performance of their homes so that more and more walls with important thicknesses are preferred.


I would use the sliding doors in the renovation of my house, but children are always so lively and I fear that they might bump and damage them.

ECLISSE counterframes ensure a robust and functional support to the sliding door, as evidenced by the brilliant success in a resistance test (break-in test harmonized with the UNI EN 1629: 2000) designed to simulate the most violent accidental impacts. A soft sack weighing 30 kg was dropped orthogonally from different heights on a sliding door of 1000 x 2100 mm size. The door has been left intact, without damage and without changing the initial frictional opening force.