Inclined baseboard with polyhedral terminals


The inclined skirting board

A new baseboard geometry

The new ECLISSE skirting board owes its name to its very shape, a triangle, which in the Greek alphabet stands for the letter delta, but also represents the mathematical symbol for variation, Δ. A symbolic name, since this skirting board changes in shape and, depending on how we look at it, in the play of light and perspective.


ECLISSE Delta - front view - inclined baseboard with polyhedral terminals

Front view

ECLISSE Delta runs along the wall with elegance and discretion. At first glance, you barely notice its unusual facet near the door.

Side view

From the side, the skirting board reveals its true identity and distinctive character: a slope that gives the room three-dimensionality, strength and character.

The terminal pieces, exclusive ECLISSE patent, take this concept further with their multifaceted shape.

ECLISSE Delta - side view - inclined baseboard with polyhedral terminals


The combinations suggested by ECLISSE

ECLISSE Delta skirting board has a strong and innovative character, suitable for a modern and avant-garde style. In accordance with its personality, we recommend its application in combination with the products of the ECLISSE Syntesis Flush Collection and the ECLISSE 40 Collection.

ECLISSE Delta with flush sliding pocket door system

Syntesis Line

Combination with a flush sliding pocket door system

The gentle inclination of the terminal pieces defuse the abrupt interruption in the wall and accompanies the eye through the passage.

ECLISSE Delta with flush hinged door frame

Syntesis Line Battente

Combination with a flush hinged door

Like a perfect defect, the play of volumes and the three-dimensionality of the skirting board interrupt the perfect flatness of the wall.

ECLISSE Delta with ECLISSE 40 splayed hinged door frame


Combination with a splayed hinged door

The sloping surfaces of the terminal elements recall and extend the distinctive splayed profiles of the ECLISSE 40 door frame.


Technical details

  • Materials and dimensions: ECLISSE Delta is made of aluminium and is available in two heights, 50 and 70 mm. For both heights, the tapering starts from 13.5 mm at floor level down to 1.6 mm.

  • Easy to install: the skirting board can be applied directly to the wall, without any special precautions. Simply use silicone for fixing, no other tools are required, nor are any holes drilled in the wall.

Available finishes

Painted finish - CHAMPAGNE


Painted finish - BRONZE


Painted finish - TOBACCO


Painted finish - WHITE RAL 9010



Ready to be painted


ECLISSE Delta - 50 mm high aluminium bars

H = 50 mm

ECLISSE Delta - 70 mm high aluminium bars

H = 70 mm

ECLISSE Delta - application on solid wall

Installation on solid wall
(e.g. with H = 50 mm)

ECLISSE Delta - application on plasterboard wall

Installation on stud wall
(e.g. with H = 70 mm)

Terminal elements and joints

The terminal elements are placed at the end of the aluminium bars in proximity to a door hole. Depending on your taste, you can choose between a straight end profile (the skirting board will end with a perpendicular cut, with no slope) or a slanted end profile (the skirting board will also be slanted along the short side).

Joints are fittings used to join aluminium bars together (maximum bar length 2000 mm).

Terminal elements

ECLISSE Delta - straight terminal elements

Straight terminal elements

ECLISSE Delta - tapered terminal elements

Tapered terminal elements


ECLISSE Delta - linear joints

Linear joints

ECLISSE Delta - joints for inside corners

Kit for inner corners
Joints + Pre-cut pieces

ECLISSE Delta - Joints for outer corner

Kit for outer corners
Joints + Pre-cut pieces