40 Collection

40 degrees inclined frames for hinged doors


Why hide the beauty?

That's what Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli wondered, deciding to transform for the first time an element typically invisible and purely structural, the ECLISSE frame, into beauty and design. From this idea came ECLISSE 40 Collection: the metal frame is tilted at 40 degrees, creating a feeling of depth and an original and unmistakable look.
All this never compromising the distinguishing ease of installation of ECLISSE products.

Designer Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli

Lorenzo Ponzelli   |   Francesco Valentini


The words of the designers


“Inspiration takes its cue from observation of the past: In ancient buildings walls in proximity to windows were inclined and widened towards the interior of the room, to direct inside it as much light as possible. In architecture, the technique is identified with the term splay. In this product we maintained the proportions of the classic features of internal doors, to which the human eye is used have become accustomed over the decades. The result is at same time a profound change and a point of no return which does not create upheavals, though, allowing the door to be a significant presence and look more slender.”



“Innovation about flush doors was all about not being visible. This frame, instead, designed specifically for ECLISSE, shows itself for the first time, emerging from the wall and leaving a mark, becoming a discreet but visible presence: the door becomes visible. The frame is no longer just a technical and functional element, but also becomes a decorative element itself, protecting the sharp edges between the wall and the door.”

ECLISSE 40 - Abbey of Follina

The inspiration

ECLISSE 40 Collection

The product



“We proposed our idea to ECLISSE because it's a company which since its very foundation always focused on technique and innovation. We came across a large firm, but with dynamics very close to those of a little family business. The enthusiasm that came to light since the very first meetings with the De Faveri family and the ECLISSE team was the spark that gave birth to this new project.”


Valentini and Ponzelli have also been curating the of the handle 40+one, inspired by the ECLISSE 40 Collection and manufactured by Mandelli1953 in exclusive finishes for ECLISSE.